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Monday, 12 October 2009

Commentator threatened (Soy Sopheap accused of extortion)

Monday, 12 October 2009
By Rann Reuy
Phnom Penh Post

GENERAL director of Deum Ampil Media and CTN commentator Soy Sopheap (pictured) said Sunday he has received a threatening message accusing him of extorting money from CPP provincial governors.

In the text message obtained by the Post on Sunday, an unidentified author wrote: “I have received reports of you extorting money from Tong Seng and other CPP Governors. Many are not happy with u and want to take action against u.” The text added: “Khay Dara’s case is small but u made it big,” referring to Soy Sopheap’s published comments about Khay Dara, 22, who opened fire in Phnom Penh during a traffic dispute and was later sentenced to 18 months’ imprisonment.(According to Deum Ampil website, the text message also accused Soy Sopheap of trying to extort $2,000 from Khay Dara).

Soy Sopheap dismissed the threat. “I’m not worried about the message because its accusations are groundless,” said the Deum Ampil newspaper publisher, vowing not to “reduce my criticism towards the bad behaviour of people in society”.

The sender of the SMS, who refused to give his name, told the Post he received information from CPP officials about Soy Sopheap’s alleged corruption. He acknowleged the contents of his text but said that it “was not threatening”.

Chum Kosal, an adviser to Prime Minister Hun Sen and vice director of CTN’s news department, said it is “usual to make mistakes” on news judgement but insisted Soy Sopheap “did more right than he did wrong”.


Anonymous said...

All the Hun Xen's dogs will be probleme with Hun Xen!!!!
The fisrt was Phun Pheap,the second was Heng Pov,the third was Hok Lundy and the fourth will be the dog Soy Sopheap!!!!!

Dictator Hun Xen kills all who work for him!!!

Anonymous said...

Before I wonder how Soy Sopheap became so rich to be able to publish newspapers, magazines, radio and TV (in future) at the same time. Now I understand that his money came from Hun Sen, CPP officials or extortion.