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Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Cambodian authority intervened after a Vietnamese immigrants seriously wounded a Cambodian man

Source: Radio Free Asia
Reported in English by Khmerization

Cambodian authority has intervened after a Cambodian was tortured and stabbed repeatedly by Vietnamese immigrants in Daung commune in Rohek Meas district of Svay Rieng province.

Prum Teung was beaten on the head and stabbed repeatedly on 8th October by a number of Vietnamese immigrants who were under the protection of 7 Vietnamese border troops who had illegally crossed the border into Cambodia.

The incident happened when Prum Teung tried to stop a few members of one Vietnamese family chasing a 12 year-old boy who was accusing of stealing a sugar cane from the Vietnamese family.

After the incident, local Cambodian authority and local Vietnamese authority went to visit the injured man and met to resolve the issue. After the meeting, the Vietnamese autority agreed to send the injured Cambodian man to a Vietnamese hospital in Vietnam.

Mr. Phan Chhean, a neighbour of the injured man said: "Yesterday a group of local Vietnamese force came to visit him. There were 6 of them, 10 including Cambodian police and border officials. They suggested we take him to a Vietnamese hospital because they said if he stay home, maybe his wounds would get worse."

Mr. Nean Sammean, chief of Daung commune, said: "We have visited the wounded man at his house and agreed to send him to a hospital in Vietnam. My local authority has provided him with 200 kilograms of rice. This is just an emergency relief. We will help him more in the coming days."

Cambodian officials said the Vietnamese authority taking care of the issue very well.

In the past, there were numerous reports of Vietnamese people beating and abusing Cambodian people living along the borders, but both Cambodian and Vietnamese authorities have never intervened.


Anonymous said...

Can I stab anyone here purposely and say: I am so sorry? Unbelievable to hear some said: Youn authority take care of the issue very well, particularly from a mouth of Cambodian authority.

Cambodia, a part from a sack of rice, never give anything else. Justice is something it should give....not rice!
Illegal immigrants beat and stabbed a Khmer man repeatedly and Ah Youn authority crossed the border illegally to protect them; it show how weak cambodia authority is and how big Youn influence in Cambodia. Poor Cambodians under Ah Hun Sen blinded leadership! Should take anther eye of this bastard evil.

Anonymous said...

This Viet family should be tried in Cambodian court and sentenced to jail term i Cambodia and deport back to Vietnam after they have served their sentences. This is the international norm and laws in any country. If you do the crime, you must serve the time.

Anonymous said...

Vietnam: "we'll send you to one of our lovely hospitals so lets call it even"

Anonymous said...

the dogmeat eating fucking Youn, will always get first class treatment by ah hun sen government. he always favor ah satt Youn and mistreated his own cambodian people. the dogmeat eating Youn had been quietly killing off cambodians in their hospitals. if you're hurt, Youn will be more than glad to except you into their cares and will slowly killing you. too many cambodians died for going to Youn hospitals. the fuckers don't like seeing cambodians alive.