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Monday, 18 July 2016

Sok Touch explains why he cannot pay respect to the late Dr Kem Ley

NB: Reportedly accusing 'others' of making political capital out of Dr Kem Ley's death, lambasting RFA for "cutting and pasting" his words, lacking the decency and courage to even pay his last respect to a man who had in his lifetime been prepared to meet and share thoughts and ideas with all for the sake of a nation in peril, blaming 'poisonous elements' for his non-attendance, boasting the "highest ethics" and morality in his conduct, yet accepting a regime-favoured assignment on border work that otherwise excludes all other independent third parties from involvement... 

This is how things are in these days and age whereby the righteous perish before their time for their righteousness, while the wicked thrive and prosper long in their wickedness! 



Anonymous said...

អាទូច វាថាវាជា ស៊ីភីភី ឲ្យវាទៅម្តេចកើត អស់បុណ្យវើយ

Anonymous said...

Ah sok touch is a traitor