A Change of Guard

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Sunday, 17 July 2016

President Erdogan regains control after foiled ‪#‎TurkeyCoupAttempt‬, in the bloodiest challenge yet to his 13-year rule

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Anonymous said...

rumors have it that the coup was fake and it was Erdogan's plan to get rid of all the opposition -- so far he had arrested 2745 prosecutors and judges and are after more military personnel whom he believe are not loyal to him.. he also want to re-institute death penalty so he can deal with these people...he called this coup a ''gift from god ''... most people also pointed out that only a small fraction of military was involved in this coup it would be suicidal IF it was a real coup for the coup instigators... the people who came out to protest the coup was identified as belonging to muslim brotherhood loyal to erdogan.
now erdogan is holding US airbase there ''hostage '' report come out that there are 50 nuke bomb at that airbase [ incirlik ] and that power has been shut off to that base as well...US just knows how to pick its friend...