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Monday, 18 July 2016

Khmer News RFA Hun Sen Family by Global Witness 07 07 16


Anonymous said...

most of their money is probably in Switzerland [ that's where all the elites keep their loots ]; if the world leaders are really serious about human rights and democracy they could drum up a pretext to freeze their accounts [ human rights violation , drug dealing , money laundering , destruction of earth [ logging ] etc...] they did it with saddam and gaddafi ... BUT they won't because the Hun family is still useful to the corporations which these elites/world leaders own... robbing , pillaging and destroying earth for her wealth . cambodia was very much pristine and untouched by human hands---- until now.

Anonymous said...

Concurring with you ...18 July 2016 at 07:39!

Anonymous said...

I was on Cambodia Topix Forum and there was a poster named "Hun Sen" with an avatar of Mr. Hun Sen there briefly for a couple weeks. While I doubted the poster was the real Mr. Hun Sen, I was impressed with his down to earth, no-nonsense, wise comments.

I asked him a few private questions and found out:
_ Mr. Hun Sen did not want to rule for life. He wanted to retire early and enjoy life. (What's the point of having a lot of wealth but have no time to enjoy the wealth?)
_ Mr. Hun Sen was afraid of the Oppositions and Others who would revenge against him if he is no longer in power. So he must maintain power to protect himself and his family. He regretted of Cambodia's Revenge Culture.

Anonymous said...

18 July 2016 at 08:47
Was that the excuse you have for Ah Kouk Hun Sen?
You sound smart like Ah Kantorb, smart at doing bad thing.

Anonymous said...

I have not done anything bad for Mr. Hun Sen, only asked a few questions then he stopped posting on Topix.

But I am very smart. I could try to save Cambodia in my own way. Say, I install a video camera in my apartment to show you folks 24 hours a day. Then you folks can see how clean and honest as I am, eating simple food, wearing simple clothes and constantly studying.

Then you folks follow me as your leader?