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Tuesday, 12 July 2016

ល្ងាចនេះ ព្រះតេជគុណ លួន សាវ៉ាត បានសំដែងនូវការសោកស្តាយ ដែលប្រទេសកម្ពុជាបានបាត់បង់លោកបណ្ឌិត កែម ឡី

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Dr. Kem Ley is a rare Khmer genius.

His ability to convey his messages and knowledge to Khmer people is exceptional and unprecedented.

Khmer people missed Dr. Kem Ley so much and we must keep his legacy - the courage to say the truth - alive.

Khmer people should learn how to distinguish between good leaders and bad leaders, understand clearly the consequence or the ramification of their actions.

For example, Ah Sdach Chkuot Sihanouk's speeches and actions. Sihanouk's ideas are 90% detrimental to Cambodia existence. The present Cambodia misery largely stemmed from this King Sihanouk's craziness. Sam Rainsy must stop touting this Khmer traitor Sihanouk. Sam Rainsy must stop taking advice from his wife. If Sam Rainsy keeps admiring Sihanouk, sooner or later Khmer people will call Sam Rainsy Ah leukeu Sam Rainsy. Kem Sokha must stop fucking around like a stray dog if he wants to improve the CNRP's image. Besides, do not expect the scare crow king Sihamoni to help solve any problems. He is simply too dumb to understand any thing, let alone to help breaking the political deadlock.

Here are 2 useless self proclaimed nationalists: Mam Sonando and Khem Veasna. Please listen carefully to these 2 crab and draw your own conclusion who will be benefited from their actions. In my opinion, these 2 assholes Mam Sonando and Khem Veasna have served Ah Kouk Hun Sen and Yuon well.

Bun Thoeun