A Change of Guard

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Monday, 11 July 2016

ទិដ្ឋភាពនៃការដង្ហែសាកសពលោកបណ្ឌិត កែម ឡី យកទៅតម្កល់នៅវត្តចាស់


Anonymous said...

Dr. Kem Ley has taught Khmer people on how to "talk", how to judge thing properly.

He put his life on the line when he has openly expressed his opinion and he has advocated people to have courage to protect Khmer people and Cambodia interest.

He is absolutely our Khmer hero. His death will strengthen Khmer morale to fight the evil Yuon and its puppet who have been causing all kind of trouble in Cambodia.

May his soul rest in peace !!

Bun Thoeun

Kim Ea said...

This is a well planned assassination ,but not unintentional killing for 3,000 laon he owned like this criminal cold blood executioner said . The main culprit of this revengeful acts isstil hinding behind the scene . How Khmer can dig up find the truth ? Khmer over sea need to set up a web side to collect contribution for helpping his funeral and his families left over behind . Khmer all class poor or riches out side or inside, Please help solve this heinous tragedy .

Anonymous said...

It is very laughable to hear CPP police thugs played a well orchestrate audio of this low life, non-educated, gullible, killer (or killers). CPP 100% planed this assassination like any other assassinations on other khmer heroes. Almost a week ago our hero Dr. Kem Ley was talking on Global Witness reports on Hun Sen family wealth with dozen companies inside and outside Cambodia. Dr. Kem Ley often spoken the truths. He would criticized both ruling party and oppositions. It seem like he criticized government more that just because Hun Sen government's committed a lots more faults than oppositions. Please doner countries help Khmer people find justice to this killing of a valuable Khmer.

These traitors that killed our heroes from past to present will not stop Cambodian from gaining a TRUE DEMOCRACY and TRUE INDEPENDENT from Youn/CPP. Yes, this killing will temporary scared many Khmer but will not stop us. It even make millions more Khmer against CPP when 2017 & 2018 elections come. Dr. Kem Ley your death will goes in vein. You helps find a road and millions Khmer will succeed reaching the destiny. God blesses your soul and comfort your families and friends. We are with you.