A Change of Guard

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Friday, 15 July 2016


Apsaranet TV


Anonymous said...

Keep going Ah Yuon, Mi Yuon !!

You have killed 3 million of Khmer people and nobody knew that Yuon were the real killers.

Kim Ea said...

This female parrot from Apsara TV tried to deflated the gruesome murder event and propel more innuendo . This well prepared cold blood assassination by government inner cycle cannot fed well with small injection of suspicious theory and conspiracy . Shut the f--k up parrot lady ,nobodies will listen your conspiracy theory at this point and time.

Anonymous said...

Oh My God, this is a Yuon/Vietnamese bitch who looks like Khmer lady and was brainwashed to talk nonsense and plainly dumb. She needs to be kicked out of Cambodia and moves to live in Vietnam because she did not feel the pains of Khmer people.

She is a very disgusted Yuon bitch talking dumb and dumber.

Anonymous said...

If I see her around, I will spit and throw a shoe at her. She is very stupid.

Anonymous said...

Who is she?

Good flip flop story from her Youn MASTER.
She can only spread her legs for the HUNS team!

Anonymous said...

Ah Kantorb Achar EH talked like this shit girl too.
It looks like Ah Kantorb have penetrated and controlled all Khmer institutions.