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Saturday, 11 June 2016

NGO head apologises to NEC

Ros Sarom, director of the Victory Intelligent Standard Association, speaks at the ACU on Monday.
Ros Sarom, director of the Victory Intelligent Standard Association, speaks at the ACU on Monday. Hong Menea

NGO head apologises to NEC
Fri, 10 June 2016 ppp
Niem Chheng and Ananth Baliga

The Victory Intelligent Standard Association issued an apology on Wednesday to the National Election Committee for accusing the body’s senior staffers of corruption during the transfer of its employees from independent contractors to the government’s fold.

Ros Sarom, director of the group, which claims the membership of 10,000 intellectuals, government officials and NGOs, apologised to the NEC President Sik Bun Hok, admitting that his accusations had affected the reputation of the election body and its staffers.

“I would like not to describe or talk about this anymore. I hope the NEC brings success to the nation,” he said, when contacted yesterday.

Sarom had filed the complaint with the Anti-Corruption Unit on June 2, but it was thrown out by ACU boss Om Yentieng earlier this week for lacking evidence.

The complaint stems from a royal decree in February, which changed NEC staffers’ employment status from contract-based to full-time government officials, with Sarom alleging that lower-level contractors got higher government positions after the change.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Mr ros sarom should have made a graft complain against the asshole oum yomteing ,because the anti-graft czar has bestowed his sons in the top positions of his department, and has ignored the calling of the accountability namely nepotism.
The question is would mr ros sarom dare to make a such complain against oum yomtieng?.If mr roa sarom believes in his crusade fighting against corruption and why shouldn't he?.
In the cpp sick political environment, one has to wonder that it may be just another dirty ploy of the cpp to make it looks good in the public eyes which is the hallmark of its dirty tactics.
If mr ros sarom is a crook of cpp it will show his true color in the future.