A Change of Guard

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Tuesday, 14 June 2016



Anonymous said...

Hun sen have billions dollars that why he talk to EU like shit and what EU will deal with this. Hun Sen Know Eu can't walk away from Khmer people and Hun Sen will be so happy if EU walking away because it will be no one will stand on his way for ever. គេថា ដល់ត្រើយ សើយគូថ

Anonymous said...

The EU already knew about Hun Sen’s respond before he even opens his stinky mouth.
They know that he only cares about himself but not the country and the people.
They knows that, like Ben Ali in Tunisia, Kadafi in Libya… before him, Hun Sen uses the arm forces to take the country and the people hostages, but for how long only time will tell. And this is the same reason Hun Sen kowtows the Vietnamese, because without them he would be nobody or dead a long time ago.