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Monday, 16 May 2016

Royal adviser says FB profiles are not King’s

Manekseka Sangkum

Facebook or no Facebook, this slavish, sterilised king has demeaned the institution of Khmer monarchy and insulted his nation than had any of his predecessors done in Cambodian history. To even smile in public for the cameras while the innocents among his 'subjects' are in chains every where is in itself an insensitive gesture and added insult from one whose proper role is to look out for "his people". A nobler and worthier monarch, even one constrained by formal "constitutional monarchy" and its attendant requirement that 'the King shall reign but does not rule' in similair circumstances would have long 'relinquished' his throne in protest. 

The Dalai Lama's decision to flee Tibet during the Chinese invasion and occupation in the 1950s was taken in defiance of this kind of imposed foreign rule and has since formed the basis for his world-wide sympathy and support for him and his nation. 


King Norodom Sihamoni attends a Khmer New Year celebration at the Royal Palace last month. Hong Menea

Royal adviser says FB profiles are not King’s
Mon, 16 May 2016 ppp
Bun Sengkong

An adviser to Cambodia’s King Norodom Sihamoni yesterday said that several Facebook pages purporting to represent the monarch are fakes.

The King’s cabinet chief Oum Daravuth was prompted to address the topic after receiving queries by local media outlets about the authenticity of five social media profiles which have garnered almost 300,000 “likes” between them.

“These pages are not his,” Daravuth said yesterday, which was the last day of the King’s birthday holiday. Daravuth said King Sihamoni was aware of the pages but did not wish to comment.

He added that the profiles did not appear to have any malicious intent, suggesting the administrators, whose identities are not known, simply wanted to boost the King’s profile.

However, measures may still be taken, he said.

“Royal officials will meet between late May and early June and see about what action should be taken,” he said.

The five profiles identified by Daravuth include The King of the Kingdom of Cambodia, two pages titled His Majesty King Norodom Sihamoni in Khmer and one with the latter title in English.

Last year Prime Minister Hun Sen belatedly acknowledged ownership of an unauthorised Facebook account long believed to represent his office.

Soon after, the premier threatened to arrest netizens impersonating him on the popular social media site, which has become a major forum for politics in Cambodia.

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