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Saturday, 14 May 2016

Cambodia PM 'must be called Lord PM and Supreme Military Commander'

Manekseka Sangkum

On the global stage Cambodia may hold little to no importance at all for the world community and governments. Yet, since the deaths of fellow tyrants, megalomanias and crack-pot dictators like Saddam Hussein and Col Gaddafi, the country's long ruling PM has seen his value as the world's unenviable laughing stock increased by several folds. Hun Sen is truly a big fish in Hanoi's small pond, and while this is a tragedy for the 14 mln Cambodians, the world's media just cannot resist the comedy and eye-catching headlines that his peculiar brand of idiocy and idiosyncrasy undoubtedly stimulates.


Cambodia PM 'must be called Lord PM and Supreme Military Commander'

  BBC  13 May 2016
  From the section Asia 

Image caption Hun Sen has been increasing his control over Cambodian media and social media in recent months

Media outlets in Cambodia have been told they must begin referring to PM Hun Sen as "Lord Prime Minister and Supreme Military Commander".

In a three-hour briefing at the information ministry, reporters were told full titles must be used on first reference from August for the PM, the first lady and other officials.

They were also asked why they had not complied with earlier similar requests.

Failure to comply could lead to action, but it was unclear what this would be.

Hun Sen's honorary, six-word title in Khmer, "Samdech Akka Moha Sena Padei Techo Hun Sen", would have to be used in the opening lines of print articles, radio and TV stories about the leader.

The first lady Bun Rany Hun Sen's title would roughly translate to "Celebrated Senior Scholar Bun Rany Hun Sen", the Associated Press news agency reports.

The ministry said it was important to show respect for Cambodia's highest leaders.

Hun Sen, one of the world's longest serving prime ministers and a self-styled strongman, has been trying to exert more control over media and social media recently, often threatening legal action against his critics.

Officials' honorary titles are already widely used by pro-government media outlets, AP reports. 


Anonymous said...

Regarding the title Samdech:

Where is Sandach Ting Moung? or Sdach Ting Moung ?

Where is Samdach Leukeu?

Where is Ah Samdach Kwack Hun Sen?

Where is Ah Samdacj Kwen Heng Samrin?

Khmer people should remember these Samdach by heart.

Bull Shit !!

Yuon Penh Srok Min Kith, Kith Ter Pi Title Mer Vear Eh Na Chkoy !!

Anonymous said...

i'm restraining myself on expressing how i really feel/think about such meaningless title... wish you guys have ''emoji '' for comment section ,sometimes they say so much more than 100 words combined.

Anonymous said...

Dictator, Traitor, Strongman Ooops ! Lord PM Hun Sen survives this long, because Hanoi feeds him every day.
Lord Hun Sen will be Lord no more, after the 2018 election.